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Web Promotion Defined

The internet has millions of websites. Hundreds more are added each day. Eighty-five percent of all site visitors arrive via a search engine listing. If yours is not well ranked, potential customers may never find you. Contrary to common belief, simply publishing a web site does not list it in search engines. Listings and high rankings require effort. Web Promotion is a process designed to increase your chances of being indexed, to boost your current rankings and to keep track of your site's overall visibility on the world wide web. Our process consists of combinations of the five following techniques:

  1. Keyword Valuation

  2. Competitive Analysis

  3. Doorway Creation

  4. Search Engine Submission

  5. Maintenance

Why You May Not Want to Try This At Home

The web promotion process is not complicated, but it does require awareness of changeable search engine policies. It is extremely important to know what each search engine will and will not accept. Otherwise, your site may be poorly indexed, or worse - "blacklisted" from certain popular engines. Knowing the "ins and outs" of web promotion is our business. Let us put our knowledge to work for you

Competitive Analysis

Web Panache takes a closer look at your direct competition. We use your keywords to review the top web sites in each major search engine. By analyzing your competitors, we can determine how their high ranking was achieved and apply similar techniques to your site.


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